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Grégory de Sybourg

Discover me and my world of motorsport through this site.

My name is Grégory de Sybourg and I am a racing driver in NOVA Proto NP02.

Welcome to our adventure!



Below you will find the news of my season 2023 !

Champion hope 2022!

It was on the Magny-Cours circuit during the final of the Sprint Cup By Funyo championship which took place last weekend, that I won my first motorsport title!

It was a complicated weekend with some technical problems that penalized us during the races. 

Nevertheless, we continued to work tirelessly until the last round of this season when I saw myself titled: champion hope 2022!

I would like to thank my team for all the work done this season as well as my manager/coach for following me throughout the year.

Without forgetting my family who supports me in this adventure and without whom, all this would not be possible.

I would also like to thank all my partners who have placed their trust in me for this 2022 season.

See you in a few  jours  for the announcement of my 2023 program!

1st victory in motorsport!

August 26-28, fifth race weekend of the Sprint Cup By Funyo at the F1 de Catalunya circuit in Barcelona.

In race 4, starting from 12th position, I overtook all the competitors one by one. And to end up crossing the finish line in first position!

You will find all the details of my weekend in my press release under the "press" tab.

I would like to thank my engineer, Florent, my technical manager, Bruno, as well as my mechanic, Pierro, for providing me with a top-notch car throughout this weekend. 

I must also address my thanks to my manager, Benoît Morand for all his work as well as to a my parents Véronique and Olivier for their soutien.

Next meeting, Magny-cours, October 21-22-23, 2022 for the final.

Portrait 1_edited_edited_edited.jpg

July 8-10, fourth race weekend of the Sprint Cup By Funyo on the Dijon-Prenois circuit.

Dijon being a circuit with a lot of fast curves, I had to gain confidence during free practice to be able to pass with maximum speed. 

I started qualifying with much more confidence than at the start of the weekend. 

In Q1 and Q2, I did the 4th time twice. Which means that I was going to start twice in the 2nd row!

The races started but in race 1 and 2, the car did not allow me to be able to win because of a car setup problem, I still finished 3rd and 4th.

Race 3, I had an accident on lap 4, which forced me to retire. And to finish in race 4, the safety car was omnipresent and I finished this weekend with a 4th place!

Mixed results because it was not the goal of this weekend, we will continue to work to achieve our goals!!!

Next meeting; Barcelona, August 26-28.


On 26 November 2023, we brought our magnificent season in the Ultimate Cup Series to a close with the DIMAB Motorsport by ANS team. 

At the awards ceremony, we were presented with our category VICE-CHAMPION trophies!

It was a great way to round off the 2023 chapter, after taking 4 podiums out of the 6 rounds of the championship and finishing 2nd in our category!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the whole team for all the work they've put in this year, thanks to whom we've had a competitive car at every meeting, as well as my team-mate Karen for her magnificent collaboration in the car. 

I would also like to thank all my partners and supporters, who have made this whole season possible through their trust and support!

I'd also like to thank everyone around me and my manager Benoît Morand, who has followed me from race to race. Our work together with Benoît has been vital to my progress in motorsport!

And finally, thank you to all the people who follow me via social networks or my website for their support!

See you in 2024 for a new chapter!


3rd place at Paul Ricard for the Ultimate Cup Series Grand Final!
The weekend gave us the opportunity to return to a circuit we'd already driven at the start of the year, and to put all the experience we'd gained this season to good use!

After a good qualifying session, despite the difficulties we had keeping our tyres and brakes warm, we finished 2nd in the Nova NP02.

In fact, thanks to the excellent work of our mechanics and engineer, as well as Karen's and my very good average best times, we were able to start from the front row of the class!

Karen got off to a great start and after 40 minutes was in first place. 
I took over from her in the car to continue fighting for victory by positioning our car in the top three. 
We kept up a steady pace right up to the last lap of the race because in my last stint, I was fighting not only for the race podium but also for the overall classification. 

We crossed the finish line in 3rd place, which enabled us to move up the rankings and be crowned runner-up in the Nova NP02 2023 category! 

I'd like to warmly thank all my partners and all the people who supported me, as well as the whole team for the work they put in, not forgetting my entourage and above all my manager, who made this whole season possible!

4th place at Magny-Cours for the penultimate round of the Ultimate Cup Series.

After conclusive free practice despite complicated weather conditions, I started the 2nd qualifying stint on a damp track.

Sub-optimal tyre pressure meant I wasn't able to use the car to its full potential and my team-mate Karen Gaillard and I ended the session in 6th position. 

I took the start of the race in dry conditions and after 3 laps, I took first place in the Nova NP02s. 
After that, I increased the gap to my main rivals to 40 seconds until the Safetycar intervened and I lost all my lead. 

I resumed my frantic pace to hand over the wheel to my team-mate with a 20-second lead, being 1st overall and in class. 

The rest of the race mirrored previous editions, with our penalty of an extra 46 seconds per stop, giving us 190 seconds on our rivals. 

We took 4th place, 35 seconds behind the winner.  
Nevertheless, I'm very pleased with my pace in the race, as I set the 4th fastest time.

See you on November 24-26 at Paul Ricard for the championship final, where we'll be fighting for the title!

Podium at Estoril in Portugal for the fourth round of the Ultimate Cup Series!

The Portuguese track was unknown to me before the first practice sessions on Thursday morning, which were disrupted by rain. As the sessions progressed, our pace increased and we were on the front row for qualifying on Saturday!

3rd pole position of the season from 4 races!

My team-mate started on Sunday morning when the lights went out, and after increasing the gap to the car in second position, a Safety Car came along to reduce the gap to 0. We kept up a very strong pace throughout the 4-hour race, worthy of the winners of the event. 

After having to fight our way onto the podium after 4 safety cars and rain at the end of the race, plus all our penalties due to our driver categorisation, 
we crossed the finish line in 3rd place!

This puts us in 3rd place overall, just 11.5 points behind the leaders!

We'll be fighting for the title at our next race on 27-29 October at Magny-cours!

Podium in Hockenheim, Germany for the third round of the Ultimate Cup Series!

After training tirelessly on the simulator in order to best prepare for this race weekend, the first tests on Thursday began. 

This legendary track won me over immediately and our pace on the track continued to increase in the lap lines. 

Qualifying went very well and despite giving our best, we set the second fastest time. The pole narrowly escaped us!

By starting from the front row on Sunday morning, I quickly took first place in the category and then in the scratch ranking.
After 1 hour of racing, I handed over the wheel to my teammate who on her exit lap had a gearbox problem which forced her to return to the pit lane. 

This made us lose the race in addition to the penalties due to our driver categorization and we finally crossed the line in 3rd position!

Next meeting, Estoril in Portugal on September 8, 9 and 10!

Thank you to all my partners and supporters who make all this possible!



Second round of the Ultimate Cup Series at the Navarra circuit in Spain. 

After spending several hours in the simulator to prepare for this race weekend, Thursday practice has begun.

My teammate Karen Gaillard and I made progress throughout practice with the aim of getting closer to the best times for qualifying on Saturday. 

We worked in collaboration with our engineer Imanol on the setup of the car which allowed us to win our second pole position of this season!

After a very good start from my teammate, gearbox problems occurred. The team very quickly identified and repaired the problem but it cost us 23 laps. 

We continued the race with a steady pace which without technical problems would have propelled us to the podium and we crossed the finish line in 7th position. 

This is part of motorsport and we will learn from it to come back stronger for our next meeting in Hockenheim at the end of the month!

First podium on the Paul Ricard circuit!

This weekend took place the first round of the Ultimate Cup Series on the Paul Ricard circuit. 

After good tests on Thursday and Friday, I was able to progress as much as possible in collaboration with my engineer and my coach. 

Many elements were new to me such as the car, the race format or driving at night!

After taking pole position in our category in qualifying thanks to the average of our best times for Karen and me, I took the start of the race at 8:00 p.m.!

I spent more than 2 hours in the car alternating with Karen, we were consistent throughout the race, which earned us a 2nd place in our category for our first race !

A very big thank you to all the people who contributed to this result!

Next meeting, Navarra in Spain from April 26 to 28, 2023!


DIMAB Motorsport presentation evening!

Tonight was the presentation of the new DIMAB Motorsport by ANS team and the car decorated by our Friborg artist Antony Hasler!

The event was hosted by the presenter of Radio Fribourg, Marie Ceriani and for the occasion Gaël Longchamp was present with Télé Vaud/Fribourg.

Other media such as La Gruyère or the Revue Automobile were present as well as all our partners!

I would like to thank all the employees of DIMAB GROUPE for organizing this evening!

A big thank you to everyone present that evening for their support and trust!

Announcing 2023

It is with pride that I announce my program for this 2023 season!

I will ride in the new DIMAB Motorsport by ANS team at the wheel of a Nova proto decorated in the colors of my main partner: DIMAB GROUPE. 

I will compete in the Ultimate Cup Series championship in an endurance race format with 6 rounds of 4 hours each. 

I will share the wheel with my teammate Karen Gaillard for this 2023 season. 

Our common goal with DIMAB Motorsport is to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans by 2026 with a BMW M4 GT3!

A big thank you to all my partners for their support and for their trust!

Thank you to all my team, family and manager for all the work done to set up this program!



Pre-du-Puits 25, 1727 Magnedens

+41 79 727 72 67

Thank you for what you sent !

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